Thursday, September 27, 2012

Billy Bright Eyes Snappy T-Shirt Review AND Giveaway!!! - Closed

So you know that moment when you're dressing your child and you're pulling and tugging at their shirt to get it over their E.T.-like, over-sized head and as you pull their nose is stretched and their eye brows are stretched? I think it's kind of funny. LP, not so much (poor kid - she has terrible parents).  Well, the sweet Mama over at Muse of the Morning (LOVE, love her company name!) developed a pattern with, get this, snaps at the shoulders so your poor child's face can be distorted no more! Kids everywhere are cheering! I love this idea but I have a knit-phobia and try to stay far away from them as much as possible. However, this pattern says I can make this in 45 minutes. Me? 45 minutes? Suuuuuuure.... Ok let's start the timer...

9:24pm: Printed out pattern. Stared at pattern for several minutes. Realized that it needed to be in "landscape" mode to line up properly. Printed pattern again. My bad.

Work in progress photos just to prove I did sew this all by myself!!!

11:01 and DONE! Woot, woot! I came, I sewed, I conquered (my fear of knits that is!). Now, confession time. It did not take me more than the estimated 45 minute completion time. I got sucked in by Pinterest about half way through. I have sewing ADD -sorry!

The Billy Bright Eyes Pattern is fabulous. It's so very versatile and suitable for princes and princesses alike. Borrowed from her ETSY listing because she can sum it up better than I can:

"The Billy Bright Eyes Snappy tee is an easy to sew, fun to embellish t-shirt in sizes 3mos – 2T. The snaps at the shoulder help the neck fit over those adorable big baby heads. This is a longer slimmer fitting tee, perfect for boys or girls. There are 3 sleeve options- basic long sleeve, a Henley sleeve and and a basic cuffed short sleeve. This shirt is perfect as a pajama top or a classic tee shirt for any occasion. Use contrasting or coordinating cuffs and neckband to change the look of the tee. Wear short sleeves over long for a fun look! This tee shirt can be made with a sewing machine or a serger."
So here's mine.

I chose to do the basic long sleeved optionfor LP in size 18 months and I lurve, lurve it. It's cute and girly (but also very gender neutral depending on the fabrics you choose for those of you sewing for princes)  and will be perfect for the fall. It probably turned out a little on the large side because I forgot to take off the 1/4" seam allowance but that's no biggie because she'll get to wear it all winter this way. Using my serger, I whipped this up faster than I could pop on down to "the Walmart" (as they call it here in TN!) and buy one and it was a fraction of the price (seeing as the fabric was given to me - yay, free shirt!). Also, no other kid will be wearing one just like it! The pattern is very easy to follow with clear, simple directions and the overall product is great and very professional looking even for a knit-phobic like me. ;)

And here's the modelling pictures...

So, who wants to whip one up also? That's right, you can win a PDF copy of this pattern and get a jump start on your kids fall wardrobe. This is my first attempt at using the old Rafflecopter so fingers crossed it works! Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter and let me know if you run into any difficulties. Also, I am on Facebook (heaven help me!) so drop by and say howdy, g'day, aloha or whatever else floats your boat. Happy sewing!


Pattern was generously provided to me by Muse of the Morning for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine. :)

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  1. Love that fabric! Super cute shirt, even cuter kid :)

  2. Thanks for the review Caroline! Your DD is so adorable, I love the look on her face in the third modelling photo. <3 The shirt turned out great, I'm glad it helped overcome your fear of knits. :)
    Thank you again for reviewing!

  3. oh goodness! your little girl is adorable and great job on the shirt. 45 minutes--no way!?

  4. I'd totally make this for Abigail! Also, Benjamin has a huge head. This would still be perfect for him. Thanks for the review, Caroline! :)

    (Laura Bosch

  5. I love it! The shirt turned out way cute! And it's even cuter modeled on your DD!!

  6. That looks great! I'd use the pattern to make tops for the babe in my belly. :)

  7. I would make it for my little princess ;-)

    yssen_kradm at hotmail dot com

  8. Love that fabric!!!! Your DD is sooo cute!!

  9. I'd love to win this pattern :) Cute shirt and cute girl too!

  10. Oh and I'd make this for my son and two daughters, and maybe for a church craft fair too.

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