Friday, September 28, 2012

Cover a Diaper Box and Make it Pretty

Oh how I wish I could take credit for this idea. It's truly brilliant. Actually, I did originally  have this idea on my own but when I "googled" it I discovered it had already been done. If you are like me you have a TON of diaper boxes sitting around your house. How I have this many I don't know because I actually use cloth during the day and only use disposables at night. Anyway, seems they multiply on their own. I love them for storing stuff in because they're super sturdy but let's face it, they're not all that attractive, even with the cute baby on the side.

I've been on an organizing kick here lately and I've been looking for ways to organize things that are not only cute but also affordable. Let me warn you, this project can get out of hand cost wise. You know, life is busy and it's on a budget so be careful making these because if you're not you'll end up spending more than you would if you went down to TJ Maxx and dropped $8.99 on one already made.  I spent $12.00 on two yards of canvas at Hobby Lobby (use a coupon!). I can get at least 3 large ones from this so that makes them around $4. I already had the spray glue. I already had the cute liner fabric.

Here is the TUTORIAL I followed at Positively Splendid. Her's are ah-m-a-z-i-n-g...seriously. Her instructions are very easy to follow but this is the general gist if you'd rather just get down to the nitty gritty...

Get you a diaper box and shove the edges down inside the box. You can cut them if you'd like too, it really makes no difference. I do like the added stability it gives especially since I have a baby who likes to climb in any box she can fit in, and some she can't. ;)

Tape edges down inside of the box so they don't pop up later.

Measure your box. Turn your box upside down. You want to measure up one  'long' side, across the bottom, then down the other 'long' side. That is one of your measurements. Now measure up one 'short' side, across the bottom, then down the other 'short' side. Does that make sense? For my 'Size 3, 96 ct Luvs' diaper box the measurements were  27" x 33". Cut a piece of canvas this big.
Place your box in the middle of your canvas. Draw a line 2" long from the corner of your box (line your ruler up with the opposite corner and draw the line - it's not an exact science). Draw two more line like the picture above.

Cut along ALL three lines so your canvas looks like the picture.

Starting at one of your long sides, spray the entire side with a even layer of spray glue (love, love my spray glue!). I then sprayed the bottom and then the other side. Smooth the fabric as you go for a good even finish.

Glue down the side pieces that are hanging over withe Elmer's Glue. I've already done it in this picture.

Fold over the side pieces like in the picture above. Glue them down with Elmer's Glue. Do it for both sides.

Now spray that side of the box with spray glue and stick that baby down. Smooth it out, make your corners crisp. Repeat for the other side!

Woot! You just covered a box in 15 minutes and 9 easy steps!

But you're not done yet! Now you got to make that box look pretty. How about a do-it-yourself liner? This is where you can get really nifty. If you have different sized or shaped boxes you can make them look like a set by doing matching or co-ordinating liners. Now this is where you have to be careful. A lot of tutorials I looked at said to use a yard of fabric for each liner. Even if you buy the inexpensive (but fabulous) Hobby Lobby fabric on sale for $4.50 that's added to the $4 you already spent on the canvas so you're spending $8.50 at least . Here's another way to do it to cut cost. It also may help you use up what you have instead of having to purchase something.  I didn't Google it and I'm sure someone has done this already but here is my way of doing it.

I followed THIS tutorial over at "Make it and Love It" and made some tweaks. Instead of using a whole yard of fabric to make your liner, use some of the leftover canvas (I had the perfect size piece left!), or some cheap muslin and do the fold over trim in the cute print.

Here's how you do it:

1. Measure your box again. Like you did in Step 3. The measurement you want is the one you get when you measured  "up one 'long' side, across the bottom, then down the other 'long' side." Add your seam allowance. For me it was 1". So your first measurement is 28". Now measure the length of your box. For mine this was 16". Add a seam allowance for a total measurement of 17". So cut a piece of something plain to hide in you box 28" x 17" if you are using a box like mine.

2) Measure the height of you box from the short side(8.5" for me). Add a seam allowance (1"). Total measurement of 9.5". Now measure across the top of the box on the short side (10" for me). Add a seam allowance (1") for a total measurement of 11".  Cut TWO pieces of plain inside fabric according to these measurements. 9.5" x 11" if you are using a box like mine.

3) Now for your fancy pieces. Decide how far over the edge of the box you want your liners to fold over. Add a seam allowance for the top and the hem.  I did mine 4" total. Cut two long pieces for the long sides and two short pieces for the short sides and attach like so. Hem the ends not attached.
 4) Find the center of your large piece and the center center of your short pieces. Match them up and pin along the length.

5) Match the corner of the short piece to the corner of the long piece and sew along it's length. Repeat for all 4 corners. Yay, it's starting to look like a box!

6) When you're done, pop it on your ironing board and iron those seams open. It will help it lay nicer.

7) Put that liner in your box, smooth it out, make it pretty and find something to put it're DONE!
I love it. It's a really quick and easy project when done right can really be economical. It's also a great way to save those boxes from being tossed out into a landfill. You all know I love a good re-purpose! I plan to make a set of three to start with but the other boxes are in the baby's room. Almost worth waking the baby to get the...I said "almost". ;)

Happy crafting!


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